Welcome to Tirupati Jars PVT LTD

Tirupati Jars Pvt Ltd is a company of great repute since its inception in the year 2003. We are serving the Packaged Drinking Water Industry and many other Industries for more than 9 years now. We are specialised in manufacturing 20 litres bubble top PET Jars.

Started with 6000-7000 Jars per month in 2003, we are today manufacturing almost 90,000 Jars per month and are on the verge of further expansion. We deliver unmatched product quality which no other concern can provide. We have a systematic approach towards manufacturing of our products which enables us to achieve high volume of production with supreme quality. 

Tirupati Jars Pvt Ltd

Excellence in PET packaging especially 20 litre PET jars.

Pearl Poly Industries Pvt Ltd

Excellence in PVC packaging specially household containers.